Partnering with founder-led businesses that make us better.

Our approach is to work with good people, with a strong emphasis on teamwork, and make your priorities our priorities.

See what our most recent acquisition had to say -

"Joining the team at GRP changed the trajectory of my business and future, putting both on a track for new highs"

- Kyle Hanzas Path56 Media.

Our Platform Offers:

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    Immediate lift in the valuation of your business.

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    A strategy with a planned capital event, providing life changing returns in the near future.

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    Access to capital and a management team to grow existing business and develop new projects.

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    A chance for entrepreneurs to lean on a strong team and focus on their strengths - to grow your business.

We Never

  • Depend on inefficient agency partners
  • Struggle to find resources and hours in the day
  • Rely on third-party data providers
  • Work with assholes

Know of a Company That May Benefit From Joining Our GRP Team?

Deal Structure

We give you the ability to leverage what you built to achieve exponential growth, all while mitigating risks.

Grow Equity Value + Autonomy = Multiple Expansion

GRP acquires 80% equity. 20% equity remains in your hands.

Access to all GRP's existing tools, including marketing & operational support to reduce your costs and speed up your operation.

Continue to run your business autonomously. Monthly profit distributions in accordance with your 20% equity.

Your EBITDA increases as a result of these new tools & team; in turn, your value grows at GRP's same multiple!